Woman Meets Adventure In Motor Tour Of The World

In 1902, Harriet Clark Fisher and her husband were in a terrible train wreck. They were both pinned under tons of debris. Her husband died, but Harriet survived. She took over management of his iron works company, becoming the only woman manufacturer in America. China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wu Ting-Fang, called Harriet “the most remarkable woman in America.”

Harriet decided she could use a vacation, and set out to become the first woman to tour the entire planet by car. Of course she needed a boat to get from one continent to the next, but still, that’s a pretty good road trip. This article explores some of her adventures along the way.

WOMAN MEETS ADVENTURE IN MOTOR TOUR OF THE WORLD: Mrs. Harriet Clark Fisher of Trenton, Iron Manufacturer and Social Leader, Has Many Adventures in Her Auto Among Strange Peoples. (PDF)

From August 21, 1910

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