Mussolini and a New Renaissance

A 1923 New York Times Magazine profile of Benito Mussolini, in his first months as Italy’s Prime Minister, predicted the political party he founded would far outlast him.

Mussolini died in 1943, his party was disbanded in 1945, and banned outright in 1947.

The article projected:

[It is incorrect] the notion that Fascism is Benito Mussolini. Mussolini gave a soul to Fascism, but if (which God forbid) he were to die tomorrow, his party would continue, because it is now an organized, live, spiritual force. The great danger is not death, but moral failure in the hearts of the taxpayers.

After Mussolini was deposed and killed in 1943, his National Fascist Party was dissolved two days later. It was replaced by the Republican Fascist Party, which was in turn banned by Italy’s new 1947 constitution.

Mussolini and a New Renaissance

Published: Sunday, March 25, 1923

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