Where Catholics and Non-Catholics Should Unite

Amidst a presidential campaign where non-Catholic Donald Trump has gotten into a feud with Pope Francis — that’s right, a feud with the pope — it’s important to remember that this is actually a period of low inter-religious tension in this country. (With the exception of Muslims, it seems.)

In this article from 1916, Rev. James A. McFaul suggests people put aside their religious differences in the spirit of unity as World War I raged on. The Catholic percentage of the U.S. population has gone from about 14.2 percent then to 24.3 percent now.

This gem was also enjoyable, regarding the newest form of visual media at the time:

The readers of The New York Times, I doubt not, have followed the discussion which has been going the rounds of the press regarding moving pictures. Delegations in which were both Catholic clergymen and non-Catholic went to the capital of the State of New York to urge that the youth of this country be fended from the obscene and the immoral when they sought recreation in the film theaters.

I’m sure Rev. McFaul would have loved Deadpool.

Where Catholics and Non-Catholics Should United: Bishop McFaul Says They Should Work Together for the Stamping Out of Evil in a Spirit of Patriotism and Service

From August 13, 1916

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