Is Going On Hiatus

Hi, everyone. I’m afraid I have some bad news: is going on hiatus.

The time requirements to maintain all my projects and take care of my new child have spread me a little too thin, so I had to pick something to take a break from, and SundayMagazine lost the coin toss.

If anyone out there has a similar passion for the work I’ve been doing here, and wants to pitch in to research, prep the graphics, and/or write the posts, let me know. Maybe there’s a way I can hand the reigns over or collaborate and keep the site going.

If not, let’s just consider it hibernating for now. I’ll keep the archives up; there’s some good stuff in there to explore if you came to the blog late.

Thanks everyone for reading.

Aside: to make up for this loss, I hope to get back to updating Ironic Sans more often than I have been lately. I have a backlog of posts to write there.

8 responses to “ Is Going On Hiatus”

  1. I would love to help, can you email me with what is involved? How you find the articles, what graphic size you need and what format, etc.?


  2. Oh poop. Well, I loved it while it lasted! Hopefully you will follow up on the post-more-to-IronicSans thing… It always lingers at the less-updated side of my rss… Just above The Sneeze and Hyperbole and a half… But hopefully it can move up with Smitten Kitchen and Charts and Leisure… Or even with Kottke and AV Club… 🙂


  3. Bring it back within 9 years, ok? The 1920s were a really interesting time in history.


  4. Oh darn. I’m a recent discoverer of the site, and find it fascinating…and truly unique on the web.

    I’m happy for your new fatherness, but sad about this site going dark; then again, being a Dad myself, I understand.

    As Gramma J used to say, “Be back!”


  5. Thanks so much for a great blog while it lasted! I’ve been reading since the beginning. If someone does take it over or starts a new similar blog, please post a note here so we’ll see it. Good luck!


  6. I am sad to hear this as I just discovered your site!


  7. I stumbled upon this site and I absolutely love this idea to re-publish news articles 100 years ago this week. I am a huge history buff and am currently a graphic designer out of San Diego. Im with Mabi on this issue and want to help out with this project and can volunteer my time and skills to keep this blog live and would l love to find out more and am open to working with others to keep this fascinating idea up and running.

    My email is for anyone to contact me about keeoing this Idea afloat.

    Talk to you guys soon.


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