Government Is Investigating Fake Universities

These fake universities, sometimes called diploma mills, or degree mills, are still around and are still a problem. I occasionally see people in the news who have been exposed for their fake diplomas, like this guy in Philadelphia who used a fake degree to commit fraud. There’s even a blog about diploma mills in the news.

GOVERNMENT IS INVESTIGATING FAKE UNIVERSITIES: Degrees Given Practically for a Few Dollars — Institutions That Sound Big on Paper but Shrink on Investigation — The Oriental University’s Odd Curriculum. (PDF)

From August 27, 1911

6 responses to “Government Is Investigating Fake Universities”

  1. Sir I got a degree from nicholson university if it’s university are real or fake .. Please help me sir.


  2. Is Nicholson University real or fake?


  3. i received associate degree online or that i pay 399 $ but my document is no any stamp from university or no any authorization stamp. so this university is fake or real. please helf me sir.


  4. i agent apply for bachelor’s degree program online in nixon university registration fees they want 600$ for registration charge so this university is fake or real.


  5. Absolutely Real.

    Accredited in USA also in KSA & UAE.


  6. Nicholson University’s Degree program for “work experience” is fake. My uncle just received his “Degree” that he qualified for and it is just a series of printed certificates on glossy paper. The degree is not even signed in ink. Also, it didn’t have the State Department or embassy stamps as requested. After doing some research, I found out they aren’t accredited in the U.S.A. to issue anything….even their accreditations aren’t accredited. Scam. Scam. Scam. Scam..


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