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Why Does Your Grocer Trust You?


An interesting look at personal credit.

“Mr. Brown left in a hurry this morning and forgot to give me any money.”

“I haven’t the change, but I’ll drop in to-morrow and pay.”

A retail grocer of the upper west side of New York says that he and every other butcher, grocer, and small store-keeper in the fairly good residence sections of the city hears these phrases again and again. They are half glad and half sorry each time a woman leans over the counter and apologetically says one or the other of them. It means more business and a new, steady customer, it is true, but on the other hand one more account on the books and credit instead of cash.


Yet the retailer keeps on trusting.

See also J. Wellington Wimpy who will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

WHY DOES YOUR GROCER TRUST YOU? The Problem of Giving Credit Sometimes Hard to Solve. (PDF)

From July 30, 1911