The Last Of The Shakers — A Community Awaiting Death

Shakers were an 18th Century offshoot of the Quakers. Somehow I thought there were more of them, but it turns out they really are an endangered religion. According to a PBS story from the Religion and Ethics Newsweekly program, there was still one Shaker community in September, 2010, and it had three members.

THE LAST OF THE SHAKERS — A COMMUNITY AWAITING DEATH: Only Twenty-two Left at Enfield Colony — No New Recruits, and Shakers Are Dying Off Fast — With Their Passing the Famous Sect Will Come to an End. (PDF)

From July 23, 1911

One response to “The Last Of The Shakers — A Community Awaiting Death”

  1. That’s the problem with a sect that can’t reproduce: it doesn’t reproduce. Still, the idea of religious communism sounds great, although obviously it would never have been popular with traditional, hierarchical institutions like the Catholic Church,


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