Sectional View Of The New Municipal Building

A lovely cross-section of the Municipal Building. Almost exactly four years ago, I got married in that building.

The rest of this post is unwritten because I’m a brand new dad and need to focus on that for a bit. But please feel free to read the article and make your own comments.

SECTIONAL VIEW OF THE NEW MUNICIPAL BUILDING: Intricacies of the Huge Structure Shown, and the Approaches to the Subways Connecting with the Bridges Plainly Indicated. (PDF)

From May 21, 1911

One response to “Sectional View Of The New Municipal Building”

  1. This image immediately reminded me of last week’s sectional depiction of the library ( and it’s no wonder: they were both done by Harry M. Pettit, an artist who at the time became known for his bird’s-eye vistas. These past two examples show more of an x-ray vision, though.


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