A Great Sixty-Inch Reflector Which Photographs The Stars

The rest of this post is unwritten because I’m a brand new dad and need to focus on that for a bit. But please feel free to read the article and make your own comments.

A GREAT SIXTY-INCH REFLECTOR WHICH PHOTOGRAPHS THE STARS: Wonderful Instrument Erectred by the Carnegie Institution at Mount Wilson, California. (PDF)

From May 21, 1911

2 responses to “A Great Sixty-Inch Reflector Which Photographs The Stars”

  1. The author (who seems to have been on a celebrated lineage of astronomy enthusiasts herself) makes a great deal of the hike up this mountain, but that just made me think of all the work it must have taken to bring up all the pieces to assemble this 60-inch telescope at the time, and moreso for the following 100-inch mentioned in this article. The latter, by the way, was eventually completed in 1917 and has its own story to tell (http://www.mtwilson.edu/his/art/g1a4.php) — including its role in the work of Edwin Hubble, who joined the staff in 1919.




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