The City As It Appears Every Night To The Lychnobite

To the man who works at night nothing is the same as to the man who works in the daytime. It is a topsy-turvy world he lives in. When his neighbor is getting up to do his day’s work he has washed his hands after doing his and is getting into bed. When one’s day ends the other begins. The lychnobite awakens with the owl and eats his breakfast in the evening. The moon is his sun, while the sun is his candle. His evening paper is the one which declares itself as a morning publication. Everything is switched around for him.

THE CITY AS IT APPEARS EVERY NIGHT TO THE LYCHNOBITE: The World Is Topsy-Turvy, Full of Human Shadows, to the Night “Workers,” More than Fifty Thousand in Number, Who May Be Found After Dark in the City Parks. (PDF)

From May 7, 1911

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