Important Note About’s Future

I have two important notes about this blog’s future.

1) Due to a minor change in the RSS feed, some of you who read this blog via RSS may need to resubscribe. If you are currently subscribed to the feed at please redirect your RSS Reader to or just click here. The old feed will not work for much longer.

2) I’m expecting a baby in the very near future, and won’t have as much time for as I used to. I’ll be queuing up as many articles to post as I can for paternity leave, but I won’t be able to write as much about each one. Some may have to be just a sentence or less. Please feel free to pick up the slack by adding your own comments on the articles.

Thanks for reading!

7 responses to “Important Note About’s Future”

  1. Congratulations!


  2. Congratulations on the baby! Having a baby is like getting to experience life all over again through their eyes.
    Unsolicited recommendation: Baby 411 was a real help, as was the What to Expect books. But read all about sleep and feeding in the 411 book before that bundle arrives, it will save you some worry.


  3. Congratulations!


  4. Yay! Congrats!
    As the recaptcha says, “may ductscre” fill your days!


  5. Well, things are about to get more ummm, interesting for you. Congratulations!
    Remember to take lots of photos. You’ll be so glad you did a few decades from now.
    BTW… Captcha has a name suggestion: Turbot Wardet.


  6. Oops, I ▲ forgot to sign in. And to say “Great site!”


  7. Your new baby is the priority you so correctly choose. All hail the new life! We will survive with less attention from your wonderful site. i get it dropped in to the dashboard of my blog as I am a ‘follower’ and did not subscribe in the usual way.

    Congratulations on your newest site- that baby!


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