Have Englishmen Found The Ark Of The Covenant?

If I didn’t have a new baby coming this week, you can be sure that this post would include a witty paragraph or two about Indiana Jones, archaeology in general, and this Time magazine article.

HAVE ENGLISHMEN FOUND THE ARK OF THE COVENANT? A Mysterious Expedition, Apparently Not Composed of Archaeologists, Hunts Strange Treasure Under the Mosque of Omar, Sets the Moslems in a Ferment, and May Cause Diplomatic Incident. (PDF)

From May 7, 1911

2 responses to “Have Englishmen Found The Ark Of The Covenant?”

  1. “Moslems in ferment…”

    Well, imagine that.


  2. They found the Ark of the Covenant just were Indiana Jones said it would be, in the “Well of Souls” in one of the tunnels leading for the Mosque dome of the rock to Christ tomb, Crucifixion site and the Ark of the Covenant found buried under a trash pile at the foot of Skull Mountain.



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