The Strange Story Of A Society Clairvoyant

I find so-called clairvoyants maddeningly frustrating, as they tend to pray on people in grief and frustration, giving them false hope in exchange for money. Often, lots of money. But the society folk who used the services of a clairvoyant named Frederick S. got burned in another way. In his tell-all book Recollections of a Society Clairvoyant Frederick reveals his experiences with royalty and others who came to him.

I shudder to think of all the contemporary celebrities who seek advice and consultation from psychics. What would happen if a modern clairvoyant wrote a tell-all? I don’t think there are any laws regarding clairvoyant-client confidentiality. Do people have an expectation of privacy in consulting with their psychic?

THE STRANGE STORY OF A SOCIETY CLAIRVOYANT: One Who Teased Spirits Out of the Unknown to Edify Royalty Tells What His Clients Said and Did. (PDF)

From February 12, 1911

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