The Human Aura Has At Last Been Photographed –

The Human Aura Has At Last Been Photographed


This article describes the apparent success of Dr. W. J. Kilner in photographing the human aura. Of course, there is no such thing as auras, which might explain why they didn’t actually publish any of his photographs, and opted instead to use illustrations explaining what exactly Kilner claims to have captured.

For centuries, people have claimed to be able to see auras. Kilner in fact clamed that he could see them with his naked eyes. But in simple tests, such people always fail.

In college, a friend of mine had a book about auras. It showed illustrations of different auras and explained what auras of certain colors mean about a person’s mood or personality. My favorite by far was the drawing of a person with a purple aura. The caption explained that it was the aura of a person wearing a purple shirt.

THE HUMAN AURA HAS AT LAST BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED: Dr. W. J. Kilner of London Succeeded in Catching on the Sensitized Plate the Halow or Atmosphere That Surrounds the Body. (PDF)

From February 5, 1911