Old Age A Preventable Disease, Says Dr. Lorand

From January 29, 1911


OLD AGE A PREVENTABLE DISEASE, SAYS DR. LORAND: Austrian Physician Says It Can Be Treated Like Other Maladies, and That We Can Live to the Century Mark. (PDF)

Back in June, I posted an article in which Dr. Woods Hutchinson proclaimed that nobody has ever lived to 100 (people who claimed to be that old were mistaken, he said). But today, another doctor says that he has a plan for us all to live to 100.

Just like so many others who have come since then with plans to extend your life, Dr. Arnold Lorand had a book to sell. It was called Old age deferred: the causes of old age and its postponement by hygienic and therapeutic measures. You can get a copy free through Google Books.

Dr. Lorand advises avoiding alcohol, tea, coffee, and several other things you may enjoy. But on the plus side, he recommends Swedish massage. So now you have an excuse to go get one.

Caveat: he also recommends taking arsenic. If you follow any of his recommendations, please do not follow that one.

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