“Fewer Marriages Among Women Of The Future”

Yes, that’s right. Modern femininity threatens the entire race. That’s according to Emily Nelson Ritchie McLean, wife of distinguished lawyer Donald McLean, charter member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

“First of all, the new conditions will be certain to have their grave effect on matrimony, which, in days gone by, was almost the only possible outlook for the intelligent and self-respecting woman who was not queer nor yet unfortunate. Here, undoubtedly, is where society will be most notably affected. Marriage will decrease as a result of the new tendency of womankind. In the old days there was always the fair chance that any given woman, no matter how long she might wait before she married, would eventually be wed, but under new conditions this is unlikely to be true of women who do not marry in their youth. Women who live far beyond the twenties without marrying are, in the future, more likely to pass their whole lives in celibacy.”

How quaint, the notion that women would remain celibate if they never married. She goes on to say that these unmarried women will be less happy than their married counterparts, and obviously won’t have any children. This could be suicide of the human race.

FEWER MARRIAGES AMONG WOMEN OF THE FUTURE: Mrs. Donald McLean Deplores the Trend of Modern Femininity — Suffrage a Cup With Bitter Dregs, She Says — Dangerous Tendencies That Threaten the Race (PDF)

From January 1, 1911

One response to ““Fewer Marriages Among Women Of The Future””

  1. As I understand it, ‘celibacy’ is traditionally the specific state of not being married. It’s very distinct from ‘chastity’…

    Actually, in that respect, I don’t think she’s too far off the mark! Increased freedom has contributed to a decreased desire for marriage (as opposed to say, co-habiting). I don’t think it’s likely to lead to the extinction of the human race though…


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