Scathing Arraignment Of Women By Mrs. John A. Logan

Ladies, brace yourselves for a reality check by Mary Logan, widow of General John A. Logan. She has some real problems with how you dress, raise your kids, and generally behave. You’ll have to read the whole article for the complete lashing, but here is a representative sample:

“Even in my youth they used to talk about the ‘Girl of the Period’ with amusement. She used to wear some dreadfully exaggerated costumes — her fashions, some of them, were quite insane — but the worst of them were mild and modest by comparison with the extreme vogues of to-day. I gasp with real astonishment — I sometimes blush with shame — when I go upon the streets of a large city nowadays and observe the manner in which women garb themselves. Some of the fashions of this year of 1910 are not only hideous, but viciously indecent. Oh, yes, I mean that — indecent! The only hats this season which show real intelligence in their design are the poke bonnets of some sensible automobilists. The modish dresses are an outrage upon the modesty of womankind. Any lady who gowns herself in the extreme fashion of to-day, and has her picture taken, will, if she looks at it and stops to think, blush at the thought that later on her grandchildren may see it. If the fashions of to-day were actual signs of the times the thoughtful person would be forced to make admission that they are sorry signs of very sorry times. It has been many years since we have had a line of women’s fashions so objectionable as are those which rule the mode to-day. The women promenading upon Broadway or Fifth Avenue, in New York, or in the shopping districts of any of our other cities, form, to me, at least, a shocking spectacle — a very shocking spectacle, and a very melancholy spectacle. I may be foolishly old-fashioned — I sometimes think that plain morality and common human decency are getting nowadays to be old-fashioned — but to me the fashions of to-day seem incompatible with proper womanly modesty.”

Among the fashions Mrs. Logan finds outrageous are hobble skirts. She is right. This insanity must end. Women, consider yourselves arraigned.

SCATHING ARRAIGNMENT OF WOMEN BY MRS. JOHN A. LOGAN: Well-Known Writers Believe They Are More Responsible for the Communities’ Morals and the Nation’s Welfare than Men. (PDF)

From December 11, 1910

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