Where New York’s Population Is Growing Most Rapidly

It’s interesting to see where the city’s population was moving to and from 100 years ago. If you download the pdf, be sure to check out page two, which compares the “to-day” skyline of 1910 with the city skyline as it looked in 1816.

For a modern look at Manhattanites’ urban migration, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show recently asked its listeners to map their own moves within the city over the past ten years. After compiling all the answers, they made the data set public and invited any data visualization graphic designers who wanted to take on the challenge of presenting the information graphically. Take a look at the submissions and see how they compare to the New York Times map above.

WHERE NEW YORKS POPULATION IS GROWING MOST RAPIDLY: Manhattan Is Moving North, With Its Most Congested Block Above 100th Street — Upper Harlem and Washington Heights Show Biggest Percentage of Gain — Nationalities Shifting From Lower East Side (PDF)

From September 4, 1910

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