Will Vaccine Be The Greatest Cure In Medical Science?

It’s exciting to read about scientists realizing that this great discovery is even more widely applicable than they realized. Vaccination for smallpox and a few other diseases were already around for 100 years or so before this article, but the next few decades would bring discovery of vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, and polio.

WILL VACCINE BE THE GREATEST CURE IN MEDICAL SCIENCE? Experimentation Proves That it Is Effective in Many Diseases Formerly Not Included Within its Scope. (PDF)

From August 21, 1910

One response to “Will Vaccine Be The Greatest Cure In Medical Science?”

  1. It’s kind of scary reading these articles, knowing that several of the diseases in question are making a comeback because people don’t WANT TO vaccinate their kids.

    We have the technology, but we’re too superstitious to use it.


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