Odd Rentals That Are Paid For Famous Properties

This article is all about weird things that are paid for rent of a building, usually by a group or organization. Just before the article was written, Flint Union School in Michigan made a great deal with the landowner: a 99-year lease in exchange for a single clover blossom each year. This means the lease should have just expired last year, but I can’t find any information about this school and whether or not it still exists, let alone whether they’ve had a rent hike since then (a condition of the lease was that using the land for anything other than school purposes would terminate the lease).

ODD RENTALS THAT ARE PAID FOR FAMOUS PROPERTIES: A Rose Pays for a Church, a Clover Blossom for a School, Fish for a Clubhouse and Flags for Great Ducal Estates (PDF)

From July 17, 1910

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