An Electric Farm To Be Tried On Long Island

I expected this article to just be about a farm that’s run on electricity, which would have been a novelty in 1910. But it’s actually about a farm that electrocutes its crops to see what happens:

Plants have been compared growing under natural conditions and with the stimulant of the electric treatment, so that an exact measurement might be made. It has been found that after 104 hours of the electric current marked results were obtained. The tobacco plants increased 39 per cent. faster under the electric treatment, beets increased 12 per cent. faster, lima beans, 11 per cent., and carrots 8 per cent. faster.

The practice, known as electro-culture seems to have been unsuccessful in the long term. For more information, read this section of the book Questions of Power by Bill Luckin.


From July 17, 1910

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