Hunting A Job When a Man Is Over Forty Five

An interesting look at ageism in hiring in 1910. It describes the “pathetic” man of 45 who can’t get a job, but offers hope in stories of companies who found some of their best employees in the over-40 crowd. Said one employer:

“I never had a better office force in my life, and from the first things went smoothly. There was no breaking in of green men; no carelessness; no idleness; no unruliness.

They were all tried veterans, and they knew exactly what was expected of them and they did it efficiently. They saved me an endless amount of annoyance and irritation so common in breaking in new, untried men.”

HUNTING A JOB WHEN A MAN IS OVER FORTY FIVE: Some Are Pathetic Figures but Others Turn Apparent Adversity to Good Account (PDF)

From July 10, 1910

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