Only Nine Mothers Of U.S. Senators Are Still Living

My first thought: “Oh, wow. Only nine mothers of Senators were still alive in 1910. That’s awful.”

My second thought: “Wait a minute. I have no idea how many mothers of Senators are alive today. Maybe nine is a lot. After all, there are lots of old Senators.” It didn’t take long to figure out that whatever the current number is, it surely must be higher than nine. After all, there are 41 Senators in their 40s and 50s, and the average female lifespan in the U.S. is around 80 years old. So it seems likely that dozens of Senator’s mothers are still alive today.

The oldest mother in the article is Mrs. Ingeborg Nelson, mother of Knute Nelson (R-MN). She was 95.

Also mentioned is Caroline Wingo Gore, mother of Thomas Pryor Gore (D-OK). I was curious whether there is any relation to Al Gore, and it turns out the answer is no. But there is relation to author (and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Congress) Gore Vidal, who is Thomas Gore’s grandson.

ONLY NINE MOTHERS OF U.S. SENATORS ARE STILL LIVING: They Are All Unusually Interesting and Forceful Characters and Have Contributed Much to the Successes of Their Distinguished Sons (PDF)

From June 5, 1910

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