Mark Twain — Philosopher Of Democracy

Mark Twain died 100 years ago this week, on April 20, 1910. The following Sunday, the Times ran this remembrance of him on the front page of the Magazine Section.

MARK TWAIN — PHILOSOPHER OF DEMOCRACY: The Serious Side of the Famous Humorist Whose Dominant Note Was Love of Liberty and Hate of Shams (PDF)

From April 24, 1910

2 responses to “Mark Twain — Philosopher Of Democracy”

  1. Whenever someone poses the “which historical figure would you most like to meet” question, my go-to choice is almost always Mark Twain. Someone I could both admire *and* imagine having an interesting conversation with.

    Also, this is a wonderful idea for a blog. Thank you for putting it together.


  2. would be nice if we couls read the article. Zoom is supposed to enhance not shrink ya know?


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