The New Times Square Looking Toward The North

This lovely illustration projects what Times Square will look like once then-current construction is finished. It filled the entire front page of the Magazine Section. It really deserves to be viewed as a PDF zoomed larger than full screen to appreciate the amount of detail that’s in this image.

I couldn’t find a corresponding photo of Times Square in 1910 for comparison, but I did find one looking the other direction.

THE NEW TIMES SQUARE LOOKING TOWARD THE NORTH: View of This Section of the City as It Will Look After the New Buildings in Process of Construction or in the Hands of Architects Are Completed (PDF)

From April 17, 1910

2 responses to “The New Times Square Looking Toward The North”

  1. Times Square looks weird without all the ads.


  2. How about a photo of Times Square today from this exact angle to compare?

    I did find these…

    New York Times looks back at 100 years of Times Square (registration required) from 2004…

    …and here is a slideshow/commentary on it too…


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